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Megan loves being in the thick of all things theatre, but her ultimate goal is to promote theatre to the world of non-theatre people. It was the same when she was the theatre writer for blogTO, or the Fringe Correspondent for CBC Radio One‘s Here and Now, as it is as the founder of Mooney on Theatre. Her basic belief is that there is theatre/performance out there for everyone to love, they just need to find it. This is not to be confused with the idea that everyone should love theatre for theatre’s sake, in fact, as obsessed as she is with theatre, even *she* doesn’t love all types of theatre.

Table 7 – A Plays in Cafes Creation (Shadowpath) 2019 Toronto Fringe Review

Photo of Violet Mount Julia Beaulieu Alex M'Banga in Table 7 by Tim CadenyNo doubt we’ve all been in that situation where someone sitting at a table near us is talking so loudly that we can’t help but listen to what they are saying. Table 7 – A Plays in Cafes Creation by Shadowpath takes that experience a step further with audiences in this site-specific piece playing at Paintbox Bistro at the Toronto Fringe Festival.

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The ADHD Project (Squirrel Suit Productions) 2019 Toronto Fringe Review

Photo of Carlyn Rhamey The ADHD Project by Brian Grunté Art by Gilian Thomas Graphic Design by Jon Paterson

The Toronto Fringe Festival website indicates that every performance of The ADHD Project by Squirrel Suit Productions is a relaxed performance. Technically what that means is that the audience can come and go during the show if they need to, the house lights stay on, and there are no loud sound cues. But more than that, the whole thing feels immediately relaxed and welcoming from the moment writer/performer Carlyn Rhamey walks on stage.

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Old-ish (GoodSide Productions) 2019 Toronto Fringe Review

Photo of Susan Freedman in Old-ish by Alan Silverman

As I took my seat for GoodSide ProductionsOld-ish in theToronto Fringe Festival at Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace, I was struck with two thoughts. First, “Oh yeah, heat rises, this might not have been the best seat to choose” and second, “This generally a much older demographic than most Fringe audiences.” I hope the latter changes over the course of the festival because Susan Freedman has an interesting story to tell, and its interest isn’t limited by age.

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Radioactive Spyder – Toronto Fringe 2019 Press Release

From Press Release

A NEW musical. Theatre for kids by kids. A political satire at the Toronto Fringe KidsFest…


Radioactive Spyder was developed this past year by TDSB music teacher Deborah Adelman, in collaboration with her Equinox Holistic Alternative School students, as a reflection on the current contentious political world. This postmodern musical comedy is set to a lively Cuban beat in a swamp filled with colourful animal characters.

Presented by a local cast of talented young Toronto performers ages 10-15 years old. Audiences will discover how these animal friends cope with species extinction, money, media addiction, power, global warming and climate change. Comedy, dance and toe-tapping original music provide a lighthearted backdrop to this entertaining show for the whole family.

Radioactive Spyder is thirsty for power and fame. Determined to become the Master of the Universe. Protozoa, a 14 billion-year-old single-celled being, guides Radioactive Spyder on a quest for political glory. Protozoa shows Radioactive Spyder what the universe has to gain or lose based on Spyder’s actions. Will Radioactive Spyder choose power and fame, or decided to make the swamp a better place for all animals?

Script and lyrics by Deborah Adelrman. Original music by Elizabeth Rodriguez and Magdelys Savigne. Radioactive Spyder features an original song by Sarah Slean dedicated to the next generation — The Day We Saved the World.

Production directed by Rae-Anna Maitland. Musical directors are Kristen Zaza and Carissa Neufeld.

General Admission: $5/child & $10/adult Tickets: | 416-966-1062 | Theatre Front Door (Cash Only) Please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating. Theatre: George Ignatia Theatre, 15 Devonshire Pl, Toronto Show Dates: July 4th 2:45 pm, July 6th 4:45 pm, July 8th 11:30 am, July 9th 4:00 pm, July 11th 12:45 pm, July 12th 2:15 pm, July 14th 2:30 pm.