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Review: Asian Comedy All Stars (RushZilla Productions)

Picture of Rush Kazi, Cassie Cao, Big Norm, Thurka Gunaratnam, Anto Chan, Carolina DG, Zeeshan Ansari, and Shuhei Murakami in Asian Comedy All StarsConsistent high-quality performers solicit belly laughs in this comedy revue

Wednesday I had the pleasure of checking out a comedy revue featuring Asian comics with a wide spectrum of backgrounds and styles. Comedian Rush Kazi presents monthly comedy shows at the Rivoli, and one of them is Asian Comedy All Stars, a comedy revue showcasing comics from Asia, or of Asian descent.

This month’s revue featured Anto Chan, Thurka Gunaratman, Zeeshan Ansari, Carolina DG, Big Norm, Shuhei Murakami, and headliner Cassie Cao. The show also featured two burlesque numbers by Imogen Quest.

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Review: Affioramenti (Surfacing) (DopoLavoro Teatrale/Progress Festival)

Picture of various items washed ashore by Antonella Bersani for Affioramenti (Surfacing)

Affioramenti (Surfacing) is a unique, immersive experience combining installation with immersive theatre.

Affioramenti (Surfacing), presented by DopoLavoro Teatrale, is now on at The Theatre Centre as part of Progress Festival. A collaboration of visual artist Antonella Bersani and composer/videographer Matteo Pennese, Affioramenti invites its audience to co-create a unique oceanic world over the course of 30 minutes.

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Review: What the Elf?! (The Second City)

Picture of Kyah Grace, Rabiya Mansoor, Bianca Alongi, Wilfred Lee, Connie Manfredi, and Rob Lewin in What the Elf?!Second City presents family friendly musical comedy for the holidays

The Second City presents What the Elf?! a family-friendly musical comedy show that reminds us it’s never too late to pursue our dreams. This production of What the Elf?! is based on a 2015 script (written by Leslie Seiler), re-worked and directed by Nigel Downer in collaboration with the ensemble cast. While revolving around the journey of Santa’s elves and reindeer, this show provides some life lessons for humans of all ages. 

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