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The Flooding of the Shrew


Major flooding has left Toronto’s Storefront Theatre in shambles, please donate and help if you can

Mooney on Theatre received with tremendous sorrow the news that one of our favourite venues–the Storefront Theatre–has been flooded. The auditorium itself has survived, but due to a popped water main, their offices, technical storage, computer equipment and everything else is now under 7 feet of water, mud and silt.

The Storefront (and its resident company, Red One) has consistently been one of the most outstanding institutions in the Toronto theatre scene: every show (13 a year–which is an incredible number, even before factoring in festivals, one-nighters, etc.) which passes through their doors seems to be a success, and the venue itself is a particular gift to our community.

If you can spare a few dollars, a fund has been established in support of rebuilding. But even if you can’t, we urge you–once it re-opens–to discover the Storefront, to enjoy its peculiar and unique delights, and to join us in cheering its return.

Below the jump, the press release concerning this situation.

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