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Review: Betrayal (Soulpepper)

Picture of Virgilia Griffith, Ryan Hollyman, and Jordan Pettle in BetrayalSoulpepper Theatre presents Harold Pinter’s Betrayal to Toronto audiences

Harold Pinter was a British playwright, screenwriter, director, and actor. In 2005, Pinter won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Betrayal is one of his most celebrated plays with productions around the world. And now Soulpepper, one of Toronto’s longstanding theatre companies, offers us their own production. Continue reading Review: Betrayal (Soulpepper)

Kid +1 Review: Our Swabby (Pirate Life)

Our Swabby by Pirate Life was a fun afternoon for my son and his friend. The grown-ups had a great time too. After getting our pirate names, attire, and rugged tattoos we set sail for an adventure aboard a pirate ship on the high seas of Toronto harbour. The cast rotates and the production is loosely scripted with significant improvisation based on audience participation, so each adventure is a little bit different. Continue reading Kid +1 Review: Our Swabby (Pirate Life)

Review: Monday Night Lights (Sex T-Rex)

poster for Monday Night Lights

Monday Night Lights is an, unscripted sports melodrama presented on the last Monday of every month by Sex T-Rex at Bad Dog Cafe. Every show works with the framework of a loose narrative set around high-school melodrama in a town where sports are king, and everything revolves around what happens at “the big game.”

The episode I attended kicks off with callers dialling into a radio station to express their excitement over the big game. They hoping nothing happens to the star player, who, right on cue, is abducted by aliens.

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Review: The Winter’s Tale (Shakespeare in the Ruff)

Photo of Richard Lee and Eponine Lee in The Winter's Tale - Man wearing a crown stands, girl leans her back against him, he has his arms wrapped around her affectionately

This outdoor adaptation of The Winter’s Tale – produced by Shakespeare in the Ruff – is playing at the bottom of a little hill in beautiful Withrow Park. It boasts a superlative cast, comedy with improv’s unpredictability, and monologues that will run your heart through the emotional gamut, then give it back refreshed for the real world.

The play tells of a king’s jealousy getting the best of him, how it leads him to lose his wife and children. And how finally, the universe conspires to grant him one final chance to atone for his paranoid, authoritarian ways.

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