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Review: Lungs (A Tarragon Theatre Presentation)

A couple’s life takes a downward spiral in Lungs playing at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto

Tarragon Theater, LungsI’m at that age where most of my friends that I’ve known since high school are somewhere in the process of starting family life — they’re engaged or already married; they’re pregnant, have their first and, in a few cases, are expecting their second. At some point in their lives, they had the same whirlwind conversation that is the driving force behind Lungs, presented by Tarragon Theatre, that inevitably starts at the same point: “let’s have a baby”. From that point onward, life gets complicated and awkward, to say the least.

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Review (Kid +1): The Conjuror (Magicana / Soulpepper)

The Conjuror David Ben

David Ben brings The Conjuror‘s magic back to the Toronto Stage

The Conjuror David Ben showed off some family-friendly hocus pocus at Toronto’s Young Centre for the Performing Arts. Watching The Conjuror in action was a enchanting way to welcome the new year for me and my little companion.

Set in 1909 at London’s St. George’s Hall, the show was a mesmerizing series of magic feats typical of the Golden Age of Magic: we saw a person being sawed in half (ouch!), a handkerchief playing hide and seek, and an egg being thrown around without breaking. Continue reading Review (Kid +1): The Conjuror (Magicana / Soulpepper)

Review: The Mikado (Toronto Operetta Theatre)

the mikado

Toronto Operetta Theatre’s The Mikado is a fun and frivolous jaunt to end the holiday season

I was admittedly hesitant before going to see Toronto Operetta Theatre‘s The Mikado. Granted, this would be the first time I’ve seen an operetta live, let alone the Gilbert and Sullivan classic. What was truly causing my reservations was the fact that I had recently subjected myself to the massive train wreck of a movie that is The Interview, and wasn’t sure if I could stomach anymore overt racism. But, when The Mikado is described literally as “a thinly-veiled poke at English bureaucracy disguised as a Japanese idyll”, and it is made perfectly clear that this is a cultural parody, it’s akin to complaining about violence in a movie labelled “violent” — you knew what you were in for.

If you can put aside the “yellow face” (the fact that there isn’t a single Asian actor on stage for a production set in “Japan” with “Japanese” characters) and the silly names, The Mikado is actually quite fun.

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Review: Sharron and George’s Super Fun Christmas Sing-A-Long (Buddies In Bad Times Theatre)

Xmas 2013 Bicks

Super Fun Christmas Sing-A-Long is a Toronto Holiday Tradition with Legs — and Booze

What’s Christmas without a few good carols?

Taking the stage for a third year in a row, married couple Sharron Matthews and George Masswohl belt out all the holiday classics in their perennially popular spectacular, Sharron and George’s Super Fun Christmas Sing-A-Long.

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Review: BeerProv (BeerProv)

Toronto’s Beerprov Blends Two Of Our Favourite Things

BeerProv is an improv comedy competition where someone gets voted off the stage each round and the funniest performer of the night wins a prize. I attended the December 2014 edition and the deck was stacked that night as they had “special guest” Colin Mochrie competing. I don’t think anyone expected one of the younger and lesser known performers to win against Mochrie’s wealth of experience, but they each made a valiant effort. The prize is just an opportunity to drink a beer from the “BeerProv Mug of Champions”, so I don’t think any of the contestants were too bent out of shape about the odds. The large cast of comedians kept the crowd happy and laughing all night. Continue reading Review: BeerProv (BeerProv)