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Review: Bells are Ringing (The Confidential Musical Theatre Project)

The cast of CMTP's productiion of Bells are ringing.

The Confidential Musical Theatre Project wows Toronto audiences with Bells are Ringing for their third production

Last Thursday a friend and I went to see Bells are Ringing, the latest production from The Confidential Musical Theatre Project. We didn’t know that we were going to see Bells are Ringing; that’s the confidential part. The audience doesn’t find out what musical is being performed until it starts. And the cast members don’t meet each other until an hour before the performance.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Continue reading Review: Bells are Ringing (The Confidential Musical Theatre Project)

Review: BOOM (Mirvish/Kdoons/Wyrd Productions)


Mirvish presents BOOM in Toronto, a solo show documenting the baby boom starring Rick Miller

BOOM, written, directed and performed by Rick Miller is an interesting beast. The show is sort of a live documentary about the lives and times of the baby boom generation; the large cohort born after the Second World War. BOOM is part history lesson, part nostalgia trip, part musical tribute concert and part multimedia slide show. It’s not nearly as academic an exercise as it sounds and it’s surprisingly entertaining. Continue reading Review: BOOM (Mirvish/Kdoons/Wyrd Productions)

Review: The Seagull (Crow’s Theatre)

Canadian Stage with Crow’s Theatre bring the Anton Chekhov classic to life in Toronto

Crow’s Theatre had me with the trailer: super-stellar cast making toasts around a dining table, up close interviews with actors, and sneak peeks of the stage. I had to see The Seagull.

Opening night, a cold Toronto winter night. The stage is bare, the air is smokey, there’s the sound of crickets chirping in the distance. For the next three hours, the audience was pulled into the 1895 world of Anton Chekhov: hurting with the hurt while digging deeply into love, life and the meaning of art. Continue reading Review: The Seagull (Crow’s Theatre)

Review: Jesus Christ Superstar (Hart House Theatre)


Toronto’s Hart House Theatre presents the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s bombastic, over-the-top rock opera treatment of the Easter story is now a classic musical that’s regularly staged by community theatres, high school drama clubs, and regional theatres around the world. The Hart House Theatre is the latest company to mount a production in Toronto.

Written in 1970 as a concept album, the musical has shown a remarkable ability for adaptation to reflect the politics and culture of the times in its subsequent productions throughout the years. For this production, director Luke Brown draws inspiration from the youth culture and political movements of today. Continue reading Review: Jesus Christ Superstar (Hart House Theatre)

2015 Next Stage Theatre Festival Review Index

The Toronto Fringe Festival runs a yearly festival called Next Stage Theatre Festival (NSTF), which they bill as “12 days of the best indie theatre in Canada”. There’s a wide variety of shows playing at the festival, and we’ve reviewed all of them! Check out our coverage below to find out more about the shows playing and to see our reviews. A full festival schedule is available here.

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