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Review: Therefore Choose Life (Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company)

Therefore Choose Life

Family drama Therefore Choose Life, currently on stage in Toronto, has “all the makings of a hit”

If you can find your way through the maze that is the Toronto Centre for the Arts these days and locate the newly opened Greenwin Theatre, you’ll find yourself witness to a very special show. Brush past the half dozen people who will remind you that the show runs 90 minutes with no Intermission. Find your seat. Then take a few deep breaths. The world premiere of Therefore Choose Life, presented by Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company, is not a light show. It is deep and important and lovely, and it will make you feel a whole lot of things. Continue reading Review: Therefore Choose Life (Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company)

Review: This Is a Costume Drama (The Dietrich Group)


Dance ode to playing dress-up, This is a Costume Drama plays on stage in Toronto

This Is a Costume Drama is not a costume drama. There are lots of costumes in this gruellingly fun piece of dance theatre, making its world premiere at the Harbourfront Centre, but no drama. In order for there to be drama, there has to be something to care about. Something has to matter.

Of course, no costume drama is going to call itself a costume drama. So what is this show, if not that? It’s a display. Choreographer DA Hoskins and his collaborators in The Dietrich Group offer audiences little else but a vision of their own droll posturing. They’re good at making a spectacle of themselves, and no doubt some people will enjoy watching them do that.

Continue reading Review: This Is a Costume Drama (The Dietrich Group)

Happy birthday to us!

photo of dog with baloons and party hat

Hey guys, April 30th was our 7th birthday here at Mooney on Theatre!

To celebrate we went out and got a new outfit. A sleeker look more befitting of our mature ‘seven-candles on the cake’ status.

We’ll take a couple spins on this make-shift catwalk here so you can check our outfit out properly.

Don’t worry though, we’re good at multitasking, so we’ll keep delivering reviews while we do our little turn on the catwalk.

Photo of the adorable dog by Hubert Figuière – licensed under Creative Commons

Review: Aromas (Junes Company)


Aromas explores the intersections between sexuality and spirituality on stage in Toronto

Aromas, currently onstage at the Alumnae Theatre, tells the life story of Katalin. Traumatized by a brutal beating as an adolescent, she later grows to realize her dream of being a professional skater in the ice dancing version of Swan Lake.

It’s also the story of Katalin’s alter ego Chanel, a sex worker in exotic dance and escorting who finds spirituality in sexuality. Continue reading Review: Aromas (Junes Company)

Review: Creditors (Coal Mine Theatre)

“Brutal and fascinating” Strindberg classic takes the stage in Toronto

CreditorsAndrea Mittler’s set for Creditors at the Coal Mine Theatre suggests you’re about to be taken back to a time long ago. It’s a stuffy, old-fashioned world of antiques, all dark wood and bronze. This quaint illusion is completely shattered the moment the action starts, as the story and its characters are far from antiquated. Although it was written over a century ago, August Strindberg’s tragic comedy is still fresh and provocative.

Adolph is a young man, an artist, who has recently taken ill. He limps around with the help of crutches, sharing some very private thoughts with a much older man, Gustav. Gustav seems to be genuinely worried about this young man and his attachment to his older wife, a fellow artist—a novelist—named Tekla. Gustav tries to convince Adolph that he has been emasculated by her. Continue reading Review: Creditors (Coal Mine Theatre)