4 Things We Liked (And 3 Things We Didn’t) At The 2014 Toronto Fringe


We Liked 100% Presale. This was the most financially-successful Toronto Fringe Festival in recent memory, with artist revenues skyrocketing and a record number of sellout performances. Every festival has their winners and losers: for every company who raked in a few thousand bucks, someone else lost their shirt. But that’s the nature of the beast — and never before have there been so many winners.

We Disliked 100% Presale. The presale policy was fantastic for the artists, but angry Tweets and indignant queue-chatter both suggest that the resultant parade of SOLD OUT signs has left plenty of theatregoers with 10-packs burning holes in their pockets and beefs to pick with the festival. Maybe there’s a sweet spot between 50% and 100%; maybe Fringe should sell rush tickets next year (10 names on the comp list, but only 2 showed up? Why aren’t you selling those 8 seats? [editorial clarification: If someone is on a comp list the spot can be released and ticket sold. However, if they have been issued a *physical* comp ticket – for instance a member of the media – their spot can *not* be released unless they have been able to notify ticketing in advance. The feeling seems to be their empty seat, visible by a final check before closing the doors, should be up for grabs by waiting list folks. – Megan Mooney]); maybe Fringe just needs to do a better job communicating which shows are sold out. But however they repair this damage, Fringe has to get on it soon. Continue reading 4 Things We Liked (And 3 Things We Didn’t) At The 2014 Toronto Fringe

FringeKids! – Now with The FringeKids! Club too!


One of the most wonderful things about theatre is its ability to open up entire worlds of possibility. From the deepest depths of emotion to most whimsical and absurd fantasies you could ever think of, theatre runs the full gamut of imagination.

And who on Earth have imaginations as vibrant and lively than children?

FringeKids! captures all the ingenuity and creativity of the main Fringe Festival, but through age-appropriate shows, on-site performances and workshops.

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A Visual Take on Visual Fringe

As I walk through the crowded Fringe Club in the now historic Honest Ed’s back alley, I see that I am caught between clowns, food stands, and actors basking in a tipsy, post-performance glow. I push my way through the most densely creative parking lot in Toronto to sit down with Laura Philipps, the Visual Fringe Coordinator, to discuss the ins and outs of what goes on at the Fringe Club.

What does the Visual Fringe actually consist of? As Philipps explains much of what goes on at the Fringe Club is actually part of Visual Fringe: merchandise, alley plays, buskers, art exhibits, and games all comprise the Visual Fringe.

(Keep reading for photos and more on the Visual Fringe)

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Pulling the Nostalgia Strings: Puppetry at the Fringe


At my second show of the Toronto Fringe Festival I had an interesting conversation with a volunteer. Both of us were puppet show fans and both of us were struck by the sheer amount of puppetry available at this year’s festival. Not counting children’s shows, there are at least seven separate adult puppet shows—assuming adult puppet shows are rated PG and up–that indicate a resurgence in puppet popularity. Continue reading Pulling the Nostalgia Strings: Puppetry at the Fringe

Fringe for Free! Toronto Fringe ticket giveaways for shows playing on Sunday, July 13th

fringe for free graphicSo, you’ve ignored our advice and procrastinated until now to get to the Toronto Fringe Festival only to find that the lineups are longer and tickets are selling out?

Luckily, we’re not ones to say “we told you so” so your friends here at Mooney on Theatre will do you a favour and offer you free tickets through our last Fringe for Free contest of 2014!

For every day of the festival, we give out tickets to Fringe shows. Exciting, right? What’s even more exciting is how easy it is to enter – you can enter each of the five contests by sending us an email (more details below).

Remember, you need to enter each contest individually. If we pick your name, you’ve got two tickets heading your way.

Check out the list of the 3 shows playing on Sunday July 13 after the jump.

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